Multi-channel multi-function data acquisition system


Power Analyzer

>16-channel board;

>0.03% power analysis accuracy 1-1000 Hz;

>Various signal analyzers;

>Multi-touch display (11.6”);

>Built-in sensor power supply interface.


A-Series of integrated equipment

>Built-in display;

>Compact structure and flexible configuration;

>Built-in computer system for real-time data storage and analysis;

>Easy for vehicle/airborne test applications;

>Battery power options


M-Series Main Unit (without display)

>Built-in computer system, which can realize real-time data storage and analysis;

>Use of external monitor;

>It is often used in the location where the equipment is not easy to operate directly.


F-series front-end acquisition equipment

> There is no internal computer, an external computer is required;

>Can be used as an all-in-one computer or an extension of the main computer;

>Multiple units can be run in cascade;

>Connect to computer via USB3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet port.


OXYGEN Software

> Comprehensive acquisition and analysis software.





Power test board





Three types of boards offer different sampling rates:

>TRION3-1810M-POWER-4 Sample rate 10 MS/s/cn

>TRION-1820-POWER-4 Sample rate 2 MS/s/ch

> TRION-1810-HV-8 Sample rate 2 MS/s/ch

This board has 2 different types for customers to choose:

--It can measure two different signals of current and voltage at the same time;

--4 high voltage channels and 4 optional range voltage input channels;

--All test channels are 18-bit resolution.

The 4 current slots on the module can be installed with 3 different current test modules, which can directly input the current; the voltage test module can also be installed to connect the voltage output type current sensor.

All the above components can be exchanged by the user.




Power Analyzer

> Modular high-precision mixed-signal power analyzer;

> Up to 16 phase power groups (U, I @ channel) - expandable;

> Users can customize the power analysis group;

> The power analysis group wiring method is suitable for the following measurement modes: 1-phase, 2-Phase, 3-phase, 6-phase, multi-stage up to 9-phase;

> 0.03 % measurement error.



Mainframe for lab bench

Compatible with TRION3™ capture board

>Rack-mounted or benchtop acquisition equipment;

> Quiet cooling, slotted fan, easy to maintain and clean;

> Real-time sequential storage rates up to 1 GB/s.


Portable Main Case

Suitable for TRION™/TRION3 Boards

> Compact structure and flexible configuration;

> Built-in computer system for real-time data storage and analysis;

> Convenient for vehicle/airborne test applications.



A-series (integrated equipment)

for TRION™/ TRION3 boards

> Built-in display;

> Compact structure and flexible configuration;

> Built-in computer system, which can realize real-time data storage and analysis;

> Convenient for vehicle/airborne test applications


F-series(Main case)

USB & ETHERNET Interface

> The distribution distance of TRIONet test equipment can reach 100 meters;

> Gigabit Ethernet port and USB3 interface;

> distributed/stacked assembly use;

> Touch screen.



Static Measurement Module

> -40…+85 °C operating temperature (option);

> Robust and stackable multiple mounting options;

> Perfect isolation: isolation between channels, isolation between channels and other buses, power supply and body;

> EPAD: RS-485 communication – can be converted to USB communication through a converter;

> CPAD: CAN communication.




MSI- Modular Smart Adapter

Adapter box for TRION-DLV

> Expand the signal input type of TRION™ board;

> Automatic identification;

> Support TRION-x-MULTI boards and TRION-1802 / TRION-1600 boards (1802 and 1600 need to be paired with TRION-X-DLV-CB16-D9).



Adapter box for TRION-DLV


4mm banana plug conversion for TRION-1802-dLV and TRION-1600-dLV.



Function expansion box for TRION-1802-dLV-32 and TRION-1600-dLV-32 boards. Used with different MSI connectors, it can measure strain and bridge sensors, LVDT and RVDT, thermocouple, charge, platinum resistance signals, and voltage signals up to ±200 V.


Full-featured data acquisition and analysis software


Data Acquisition


Data acquisition is the powerful basic function of OXYGEN software, which can continuously and synchronously acquire different kinds of signals: analog, digital, encoder, CAN, network, video, GPS and so on.

>Analog signal sampling rate up to 10 MS/s, such as TRION3™; >Digital and encoder data can automatically calculate speed and angle;

>CAN(-FD) can be decoded by DBC, support J1939. Compatible with Vector VN-series (optional); >Ethernet receiver for external sensor signal;

>The video signal can be collected by USB or GIGE camera;

>High precision GPS signals can be acquired through TRION™, GeneSys ADMA or OxTS RT series.

Data Storage Function


The second core function of OXYGEN is data storage recording. All experimental data will be recorded with just one click of the storage button. With proper hardware selection, the recording rate can reach 1 GB/s, and users do not need to worry about losing data during the experiment.

> The data can be played back during the acquisition process;

> The file splitting function can split files based on events or time;

>Files are stored in DMD-file format;

>Can store data remotely or locally;

> Stored files can be opened on any computer with OXYGEN installed (free).

Visual Interface


> Appropriate data visualization interface makes data viewing easier;

> 16 different display modes to meet data display requirements;

> Highly customizable display interface to meet various experimental requirements;

> The multi-interface design can better preview the experimental data.

Order Analysis (Optional)


Noise and vibration analysis of rotating machinery, this feature enables OXYGEN software to act as a perfect order analysis tool, calculating and displaying order spectrograms under speed tracking.

> Simultaneous analysis in frequency domain and order domain;

>The flexible resampling algorithm achieves fast and accurate calculation results;

> Calculated speed range 60 - 100.000 rpm;

>Order resolution 0.01 - 1, calculation coverage 90%;

>The extracted order can be displayed on the waveform recorder and X-Y recorder;

>The chromatogram can be adjusted flexibly to obtain the most intuitive order spectrum and frequency domain spectrum.

Power Analysis (Optional)


> Can analyze 1-9 phase power system (1P2W, 2V2A, 3P3W,

3P4W, 6P6W, …);

> Can test multiple power groups at the same time;

> Uninterrupted interest cycle calculation, no blind spots;

> Unique fundamental frequency detection and delay compensation ensure the accuracy of test results;

> Basic version: voltage, current RMS, average value, fundamental and symmetrical components, active and reactive apparent power, total power and fundamental power, energy;

> Advanced version: harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7), flicker (IEC 61000-4-15), flicker emission (IEC 61400-21) and mechanical efficiency;

> Professional version: 1ms rolling calculation FGW-TG3 (TR3).

Plug-in interface


If your OXYGEN software cannot meet some experimental requirements or special software functions, don't worry! Customers can edit and embed software functions based on our plug-in interface to achieve more testing functions.

> Provide C++ plug-in interface for software editing;

> If the built-in math functions cannot meet the calculation requirements, you can edit and add more complex math functions through the plug-in interface;

> Connect third-party sensors or data sources through plug-ins;

> Through the plug-in function, OXYGEN can output data;

> Sample files can be downloaded from the following websites:


Sync Functions


By using the TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING or TRION-VGPS module, the data collection of multiple devices can be synchronized.

Supports relative time and absolute time synchronization.

> Absolute time synchronization PTP (IEEE1588), GPS and IRIG;

> Relative time synchronization PPS and TRION-SYNC-BUS;

> Operating system time synchronization.

Triggers and Events


The software's powerful triggering and event functions enable time event triggering when storing data, create markers, enable digital output and take snapshots of data. Users can create different events, each event consists of one or more trigger conditions and one or more action  instructions.

Math functions


Users can customize and create mathematical calculation channels to meet different data processing requirements:

> Basic mathematical formulas and various calculation methods (trigonometric, logistic and measurement functions);

> Block-based statistical functions mean, rms, min/max;

> High-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-stop IIR-filtering up to 10th order;

> rosette test 45°, 60°, 90°;

> For noise testing of rail traffic or communication signals.

Analysis and Postprocessing


After completing the storage of the experimental data, OXYGEN can open the stored data to complete the later data processing and analysis.

> Use a variety of mathematical functions and calculation functions to get more accurate data to create new test and display interfaces;

> Use the right mouse button to directly frame the area, or operate the mouse wheel, or use the multi-touch function to directly zoom in on the selected area to achieve data area selection and scaling;

> Create report interface (see report function below);

> Data export in different formats;

> Data processing on multiple computers (serial number free).

Data output


If you need to analyze and program your data with third-party software, we can provide exports in common file formats.

> Common file formats: CSV and TXT, customizable delimiters and timestamps;

> More formats: Excel (.xlsx), Matlab (MAT ver.7.2),

ASAM MDF4 (4.0 and 4.1) and DMD;

> Select the data channel and time interval to be exported;

> Can be automatically exported after storage.

Video capture


Do you want to add video signals while collecting sensor signals? OXYGEN can use a USB camera that supports WIN10 operating system, or use our GIGE protocol camera to achieve synchronous acquisition of images per frame.

> Support USB-camera and GigE camera;

> Store independent MKV video files for browsing and video editing.

Sensor database


The sensor database supports user-defined sensor sensitivity, type, and other information for direct application to channel settings.

>Sensor editing is easy to operate;

> Editable storage sensor name, factory number and sensitivity information, including the configuration of each channel, such as measurement mode, filtering and excitation;

>The edited sensor library, by copy\paste, can be used for all measuring devices.

Reporting function


OXYGEN has a complete test chain, not only with acquisition, analysis, export functions, but also report generation functions.

>Independent report setting interface (setting method is similar to software display interface), the interface can be printed directly;

>You can directly copy the content of the test display interface to the report page;

>All test display tools can be used in the report interface;

>Each referenced waveform data has an independent time axis and timestamp, which can reflect the data results at different times in the report;

> Can be directly printed or converted to PDF.

Remote control and data transfer


OXYGEN supports local operation, while software settings, acquisition and other function options can be set through remote operation.

> Ethernet-based SCPI, which can perform test configuration loading, acquisition control and data transmission;

> Through the Ethernet XCP, it can be controlled by software, and the data can be transmitted to the test bench (Vector CANape or ETAS INCA) according to the ASAM standard, and the rate can reach 10 kS/s;

>EtherCAT transmission function board TRION-EtherCAT;

>CAN input and output (trigger or periodic based transmit data).

Real-time data transfer (optional)


Looking to do data processing in your own application?

Real-time data transfer makes it possible! This function transmits collected data (including calculated data such as power analysis or statistical data) to one or more applications at high speed via TCP/IP.

>The collected data is transmitted through TCP/IP;

> Can be used with SCPI remote control to realize remote control of collection and real-time transmission of data;

>Support 1-N real-time transmission, and configure the transmission channel separately for each receiving unit.

Software Development Kit SDK


Using our test equipment, users can get a completely open platform, based on which users can develop their own test software or expand functions.

Users can choose between two software development platforms:



TRION-SDK can help you develop your own test application based on DEWE2/

DEWE3 device and TRION™/TRION3™ board hardware platform, this SDK also supports TRIONet.

TRION-SDK supports Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit

bit), Ubuntu 1604 LTS, 1804 LTS and Redhat/CentOS Enterprise Linux,

The language environment for this SDK programming is C++, and Python, C# and Delphi are also supported.