The VBOX precision ranging system allows you to accurately measure the distance between two objects in any environment. It is suitable for applications that need to calculate distances and cannot rely on GPS signals, which means the system can be used indoors.



Update Rate 
Various (up to 100Hz)
Position accuracy 
±2 cm


1 mm
> 50 m
IP rating 
IP 67
Operating temperature 
-30°C to +60°C
Diameter 124 mm, Height 74.5 mm
350 g
Beacon supply voltage 
6.5 - 30 V DC
Communication with data acquisition 
RS232 / CAN

Main features:

1. Measure the distance between objects, more than 50 meters;

2. Centimeter-level accuracy in any environment;

3. Small, sturdy and low power consumption;

4. Each device only needs one line, and the installation is fast and simple;

5. Different update rates (up to 100 Hz), low latency for high dynamic applications;

6. Simple setup;

7. Easy to carry, fast switching between objects, no fixed installation required;

8. Use special plug-ins on VBOX TOUCH to view measurement data in real time;

9. Compatible with any data acquisition with serial port or CAN interface;

10. No need for position control system;

11. User-defined CAN ID and terminal resistance;

12. 5 sets of systems can be used at the same time without interference.



The VBOX accurate distance measuring system can be used for accurate distance measurement between two objects in any environment. Typical applications are as follows:

·ADAS testing;

· Static target testing;

· Point-to-point distance measurement.