The ABS test system consists of two parts, one is the VBOX data acquisition system and related accessories, including the VBOX data collector, LED display, brake trigger, analog input module ADC03 and frequency input module FIM03; the second is the sensor including tube pressure sensor, cable displacement sensor, brake pedal force sensor and wheel speed sensor.

The ABS test system is equipped for the correlation test of the automobile ABS system. It can effectively test the performance of the ABS system and can also be used in simple braking tests.


Wireless wheel speed sensor

The wireless wheel speed sensor SENWS1 is a device that can detect wheel speed and temperature in real-time. The device consists of four sensor modules, each of which collects the wheel speed through one channel and temperature through two channels. A total of four channels of the four modules detect the wheel speed in real-time and eight channels detect temperature in real-time, and output the data in real-time through CAN/Ethernet interfaces. The system wirelessly transmits the collected wheel speed and temperature to the receiving end, which outputs the data from the CAN/Ethernet interface, making it very convenient to monitor the wheel speed and temperature.


Specification parameters

Wheel speed measurement range± 3000rpm
Wheel speed measurement error<0.5% (0 ° C to+50 ° C)
Temperature measurement range (K-type thermocouple)-200 ° C to+1372 ° C
Temperature full scale linear errorTA=+25 ° C ± 0.05% FS
TA=-20 ° C to+85 ° C ± 0.15% FS
TA=-40 ° C to+105 ° C ± 0.2% FS
TA=-40 ° C to+125 ° C ± 0.3% FS
TA=-55 ° C to+125 ° C ± 0.35% FS
Internal sampling rate1kHz
Wireless communication frequency2.4-GHz Band
Sending frequency100Hz
Battery usage duration20h (-20 ° C)/72h (25 ° C)
Internal sampling rate of protection levelIP67
Working temperature wireless communication frequency-20 ° C to+60 ° C


The dimensions in the following annotations are in inches [millimeters]


Tube pressure sensor

There is a piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor in the pressure sensor, which is chemically packaged and has a very fast response speed. The shell is packaged by stainless steel. You can also choose a built-in sealing ring to ensure that the product is suitable for the following occasions. Each component adopts temperature compensation, Calibration, with traceable serial number and calibration report. The transmitter is based on a microprocessor-based amplifier, which means that there are no adjustment components inside, which guarantees normal operation in high vibration/shock environments.



Small size, robust and durable; 

IP67 protection grade; 

Suitable for harsh environments;

Dynamic piezoresistive stainless steel sensor; Accuracy: <±0.25% of full scale;

Pressure ranges from -1 bar to 3000 Bar;

Output: analog signal or digital signal.


Pedal force sensor SENBR

The SENBR series pedal force sensors are used for pedal load testing. Its shape design allows the sensor to be easily installed on any vehicle's pedal or fatigue/durability test bench. Because the force on the brake pedal, clutch pedal, and accelerator pedal to be studied varies from small cars to heavy trucks, we provide different measurement ranges of 200N to 2000N. With the help of internal mechanical decoupling design, the accuracy for different force application point positions is 1% FS. In addition, an integrated amplifier version can be selected for high level output across all ranges.



·Range of 200 to 2000N;

·Minimum nonlinearity and hysteresis ≤ 0.1%;

·Ultra light aluminum alloy material;

·Low sensitivity to eccentric loads<1.0%;

·Can be fixed to the car pedal using adhesive tape;

·Portable installation fixture;

·Suitable for accelerator pedal, brake pedal, or clutch pedal.

Technical parameter

performance index
Nonlinear± 0.1% FSSafe power supply12V
lagging± 0.1% FSRecommended power supply1-5 V
Operating temperature range-10-70 ° CInput resistance700 ± 3% Ω
Compensation temperature range0-50 ° COutput resistance700 ± 3% Ω
Range of measurement range200-2000 NcableDiameter 3.5mm x 3m long, LEMO joint

Wire displacement sensor-SENST2

The SENST2 series is a compact, economical, and waterproof device that uses flexible cables, spring loaded spools, and potentiometers to detect and measure linear positions. The SENST2 series cables have a waterproof rubber strain relief device. The SENST2 design is compact, suitable for narrow spaces and high cycle applications, and allows measurement of cable misalignment. The SENST2 has 2 different ranges and 1 convenient mounting bracket, making it the perfect solution for many applications from light industry to OEM.



·Linear position measurement;

·Suitable for the range of 635mm [25in] to 1270mm [50in];

·When measuring, it is allowed that the pull rope is not aligned;

·Integrated voltage regulator module.

Technical parameter

General parameterssymbolminimum valueMaximum valueTypical value
Repeatability (full stroke)REP
± 0.05%
Cable tensionCBLT6.9825 oz7 oz7.0175 oz
Maximum cable accelerationCBLACC
30 G
Measurement cableNylon coated stainless steel with a diameter of 0.019 inches

Shell materialpolycarbonate

Installation bracket materialStainless steel

Sensor typePlastic mixed precision potentiometer

weight141.75g (excluding mounting bracket)

General parameterssymbolminimum valueMaximum valueTypical value
supply voltageVin9 V30 V5 V
Power supply currentLin

10 mA

Output voltage swing


Environmental parameterssymbolminimum valueMaximum valueTypical value
working temperatureToper-18 ° C [0 ° F]71 ° C [160 ° F]

10 (@ 2000Hz) G

NO.symbolPrecision (% fs)cycle lifeTypical value

25 in(635 mm)

0.25 %

500000 laps

50 in(1270 mm)

0.25 %

250000 laps