ASEva simulation tool chain system

With the introduction of new access regulations and the imminent implementation of high-grade autonomous driving on a large scale, Zeer Automotive has combined several of the company's flagship products to create a complete simulation tool chain, providing a complete and systematic solution for high-grade autonomous driving testing and development.

The solution provides a rich data source with ASEva open road data acquisition and verification platform as the real data source. The simulation standard format scenario library is generated through a unique automated batch post-processing system and is compatible with a wide range of mainstream traditional simulation software. On top of the traditional simulation software, the world's leading detail simulation software rFpro perfectly optimizes all kinds of road textures, potholes, target materials, reflectivity, beam scattering and many other details, providing extremely realistic scenario effects and physical model effects for all kinds of in-loop tests (SIL/MIL/HIL/ VIL/DIL). Combined with the highly dynamic, ultra-low latency simulation of the driving simulator specialist aVDS, the whole system provides an extremely realistic driving immersion. Customers can use the system for large-scale simulation testing early in development, which means that when prototypes are produced and they will be closer to production. The entire tool chain will become an integral part of the vehicle development and testing cycle and will save many car manufacturers a great deal of money in repeated development and testing costs.

In addition, this tool chain also provides deep learning-based vehicle dynamics model, sensor model and driver intelligence model at the same time. It provides a rich library of real traffic scenarios, edge event scenarios, regulatory scenarios, and a comprehensive multi-perspective test evaluation system to enhance the role of simulation in vehicle development and testing.


Static Driving Simulator

The simulator software gets the signals from the simulator and then simulates the desired vehicle state in the simulator software to achieve the data and results the driver wants to test.



  • Highly rigid console and user-configurable digital dashboard

  • Equipped with a single bright, high-quality display

  • Chassis integrated electronics (no separate cabinet required)

  • Compact size and easy to install

  • Compatible with most major automotive simulation software products and can perform ADAS tests in simulation with AB Dynamics' robots


Chassis dimensions1910mm*620mm

Mounting dimensions (single screen mode)


Mounting dimensions (triple screen mode)

Chassis quality100kg
Power supply demandSingle Phase110VAC/240VAC,4KW
Steering actuator

Peak torque 20Nm, continuous torque 7.5Nm no load max. speed

Dynamic Driving Simulator

The simulator can realistically simulate the shape of the road and the posture of the vehicle in the process of driving when it encounters different roads, including vehicle turns, uneven roads cause vehicle bumps, etc., giving a more realistic experience.


DIL, HIL, SIL in-loop simulation testing

It can realize driver-system interaction and supports multi-driver access, while generating test evaluation reports for intelligent connected driving based on realistic scenarios, true perception models, and customized vehicle dynamics models, with customizable interfaces and results.