Vehicle target


Data retrieval in < 5 minutes. helping you ensure all global facilities tests to the same level.


Suitable for GSR UN 152.

The first AEB validation tool designed for end-of-line vehicle production facilities.

The AEB test bundle kit is complete with ISO 19206-1:2018 standard foam target (MD-VT-F) and has a 2cm RTK positioning for quick, reliable data capturing in < 5 minutes. 

The MD-Han’i, is an Inertial Navigation system designed to make AEB CCRS validation easy.

Used along with the MD-VT-F (ISO) it will provide manufactures with a simple solution, allowing facilities worldwide to test with the same methods, equipment and targets. The MD-Han’i works to detect failures early on before the vehicle reaches the customer therefore preventing recalls and improving road safety.

◆ Live data logging to cloud for global retrieval (optional)

◆ Data capture and storage options: Hard copy print-out / online, SD card

◆ Vehicle identification from CAN via OBD (optional)

◆ Ready to go in approx 2 minutes

◆ Data retrieval in < 5 minutes

◆ Instant pass or fail detection visible on screen


Euro NCAP vehicle target (EVT)

Manufactured to Euro NCAP specifications

High impact (80kph) version available


The Moshon Data EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) was developed to simulate the rear end of a

standard production car and is suitable for RADAR, LiDAR and camera based systems.

The cover is printed with the EuroNCAP specific image of a VW car and incorporates reflective

elements to aid LiDAR based technology. Moshon Data has made approved modifications to improve

the assembly and use of the EVT. A radar absorbent foam section is sewn into the bottom to avoid

it being lost or forgotten. The cover is quickly fastened at the rear using a stretch cord and toggle

method and the same method is used to tension the front and rear faces to the balloon.The EVT EuroNCAP Vehicle Target provided by Moshon Data conforms to the EuroNCAP specifications as defined in the official AEB test protocol.

Flex-Moshon Towing Systems

Towing system designed for vehicle targets

High speed (140kph) version available


The Flex-Moshon towing system is designed to tow a balloon car during Autonomous Emergency

Brake (AEB), Forward collision warning (FCW) and other ADAS tests.

The Moshon Data towing system consists of 3 pressurised hoses (15 meter length) including Storz

hose coupling, hose carriers with 2 wheels each, a support plate with tow hitch system, the balloon

car carrier and 12V compressor. The pressurised hoses ensure that the vehicle target maintains its required position when towed behind the towing vehicle. The space between the target and the towing vehicle remains constant even during braking. After a collision the balloon vehicle target aligns itself automatically and is instantly ready for further testing.

Lane change manoeuvres can be performed with the balloon target up to approx. 60 kph. During a lane change the vehicle target follows the towing vehicle’s lane with only a few centimetres deviation.

The flexible set up not only enables lane changes but also allows turning on the track.

Set up takes less than one hour and can be performed by one person. The Flex-Moshon EVT Towing System can be fully dismounted and fits in the boot of an estate or large hatchback.



Flex-Moshon 3D

Low cost alternative to a fully featured robotic GVT车辆目标7.jpg

While robots are the product for NCAP standards, a lot of work can be done affordably, simply and easily using a Flex-Moshon system.

◆Uses a 3-pc 3D target (MD-3D-GTI) on a purpose-built Flex-Moshon towable platform

◆ 3D target Follows the path of the towing vehicle

◆ Low cost alternative to a GVT robotic platform

◆ Development work for the Euro NCAP 2018 C2C AEB test protocol

◆ Lateral overlap of GVT - 3D vehicle side visibility

◆ ADAS testing & development

◆ ACC & FCW development

◆ Lane change scenario’s

◆ Cut in and curve manoeuvres

◆ Slalom manoeuvrability possible

◆ Existing Flex-Moshon systems upgradeable.

Vehicle MD-VT F(foam core)

Low-cost, foam version of the Euro NCAP Vehicle Target


The MD-VT F is a lower cost, foam version of the official Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT). It is designed to the same specifications as the Euro NCAP target and intended for development work. Being a cheaper substitute for the EVT means vehicle manufacturers and test facilities can purchase multiple vehicle targets and increase the number of tests.

The MD-VT F comes with regionalised number plates. Shown here are our American number plates

but any number plate can be provided on request.


Ideal for end of line production use - does not require regular maintenance to keep inflated, conforms to ISO standard! Sensor specific recognition properties as shown in document ISO 19206-1:2018(E) Annex B (Page 10)

3D foam target

Full vehicle targets with foam core

Our 3D Foam targets are designed to meet ISO 19206-3 standards and Euro NCAP AEB C2C

protocols as an alternative 3D foam target for the development of the following applications and tests:

◆ AEB rear and offset / Lateral overlap             

◆ Suitable for CCRs, CCRm and CCRb               

◆ Head-on collision                                       

◆ BLIS – Blind Spot Detection     

◆ Reverse-AEB compatible

◆ Lane Keep Assist


◆  FCW

◆ …More

MD-3D-F (Fiesta)

The MD-3D-F is a 3D dimensional contoured foam target designed to represent a standard

production Ford Fiesta visually and to the vehicle sensors (Radar, LiDAR, IR Reflectivity)

Comes free standing or is customisable to mount onto a robotic platform.

◆  6 pieces

◆  Designed for all six pieces to scatter away upon impact

◆  Reassemble from impact in under a minute

◆  Up to 50 kmh impact speeds*

◆  LiDAR: ECE104 standard reflective material

◆  Radar: Energy Shield and Corner reflectors

◆  Durable, high quality build



MD-3D-GTI - (GTI & Jetta)

The MD-3D-GTI is a 3D dimensional contoured foam target designed to represent a standard production VW-GTI visually and to the vehicle sensors (Radar, LiDAR, IR Reflectivity).

Comes free standing or is customisable to mount onto a robotic platform.

◆ 3 pieces

◆ Designed for low-friction slide when used in static mode

◆ Reverse-AEB – IIHS and RCAR procedure compatible

◆ Suitable for use on the 3D-Flex-Moshon

◆ Up to 50 kmh impact speeds



Pedestrian Targets for ADAS testing (PT VRU)


Standard Euro NCAP Pedestrian Target (PT)

The following requirements need to be fulfilled to enable a proper recognition with regards to visual and radar detection:

◆  PT dimensions shall confirm to the ACEA/Euro NCAP standard for both Adult and Child.

◆ There shall be no visible reflective components on the PT.

◆  Skin surface parts shall be finished with a lowreflective skin.

◆ The head hair shall be imitated by using black coloured texture, alternatively a hairpiece can be used.

◆ PT Radar cross-section (RCS) and IR properties shall fit the specification boundaries.


5 Lamp Euro NCAP

Street Lighting and Mast packages for VRU testing in the dark车辆目标17.jpg

◆ Choice of lamp head:



◆ Designed for Euro NCAP AEB VRU spec:

VUT vehicle path 19+/- 3 lux

EPT path > 5 lux

◆ Precision mast alignment control to 0.1 deg

◆ turn-able base option with degree counter

◆ either tripod or concrete base, optional

◆ Optional, Konica Minolta T-10A lightmeter to be included

◆ Solutions includes all cabling


5 Lamp Euro NCAP

Street Lighting and Mast packages for VRU testing in the dark


Park Assist Solutions

The complete package for all parking assist testing needs

Our park assist solutions make it possible to perform Active Park Assist test scenarios for either technology development, customer demonstration or training activities. The bundle comprises of two soft vehicles and eight pavement sections put together to create a soft parking area. This can either be parallel or road-side parking. The Sensors in the vehicles will recognise the soft targets as the real thing and park safely between them. This means you can park safely, and without risk of damage to the subject vehicle or the drivers nerves.


Custom Targets

Moshon Data offers a range of bespoke target solutions


Moshon Data offers a large range of vehicle targets for ADAS testing. We also supply custom targets such as pedestrians, motorcycles, shopping trolleys and animals commonly involved in vehiclewildlife collisions such as deer or moose. These targets can be manufactured to your own specifications.