VBOX series

VBOX is the industry standard for measuring vehicle speed and location. Based on a series of high-performance GPS satellite signal receivers, the VBOX system can measure speed, distance, acceleration, braking distance, position, heading angle, slip angle, lap time, corner force and other parameters with high precision. The VBOX mainframe can be combined with a range of input and output modules, making it a powerful and flexible data acquisition system. Because it has the function of synchronizing GPS and video, CAN bus and IMU data, the VBOX system is the best choices for testing departments of world's automobile and tire manufacturer.

Data Acquisition System

We offer a wide range of data loggers and different gauges grids to suit different needs and budgets.


The VBOX 3i-V5 is the leader in VBOX system products. With a high-speed GPS/GLONASS engine, VBOX3i-V5 can record data 100 times per second, allowing you to make detailed analysis on braking, acceleration, handling and track testing. detail. It can be installed in 30 seconds and requires no setup or calibration.

With Bluetooth, USB and serial communication functions, data recording via CF card, and audio tagging function, the VBOX3i is perfectly suitable for most test environments. VBOX3i-V5 has 4 24-bit analog input channels, 32 CAN channels, 2 CAN bus interfaces, 2 16-bit analog output and 2 digital output channels.

IMU integration, by connecting the VBOX3i-V5 and the IMU unit (Inertial Measurement Unit) together, a real-time Kalman filter is used to automatically correct the GPS data in a poor GPS signal environment, and at the same time it can, via IMU, calculate the current pitch and roll angle as a reference value at a speed of 100HZ.

The Dual Antenna (VB3iSL) version uses two antennas placed at a fixed distance for measurement (pitch angle if mounted in the direction of the vehicle, roll angle if mounted laterally). By utilizing GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellite system, the RMS accuracy of the slip angle measurement is as high as 0.04° and the pitch angle can be measured to an accuracy of 0.028°. The system is tested so accurately that you can measure the tiny effects of crosswind effects on the slip angle of a moving vehicle, a feature that even the best inertial measurement systems struggle to replicate. In addition, the VBOX3i dual-antenna system is capable of capturing true heading, yaw, lateral and longitudinal velocities with low latency at 100 samples per second. The system provides a VBOX manager as standard accessory for setting slip angle parameters and antenna spacing.

The high precision RTK VBOX3i can be used in conjunction with RTK differential base stations. This enables it to achieve an absolute positioning accuracy of ±2cm, leading the VBOX3i to a new level of accuracy that is ideal for use in ADAS testing.




VBOX IISX can provide sampling rates of 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, all three have a built-in display, can store data through SD card, have high-speed brake trigger input, CAN bus interface, two analog and Features such as digital output, USB and serial interfaces. The VBOX IISX data logger has the highest stand-alone positioning accuracy in a range of products, enabling it to achieve<1m positioning accuracy without the use of a base station by using the free WAAS/EGNOS correction service. The Dual Antenna (SL) version has a second GPS engine built in, meaning it can measure sideslip and pitch.

VBOX Micro


A compact, rugged and waterproof recorder, the VBOX MICRO is ideal for long-term durability testing in harsh environments such as those of trucks, motorcycles, ships, mining trucks and racing cars. Its sampling frequency is adjustable, can be adjusted from 1Hz to 10Hz, records data through CF card, and has USB interface and CAN bus interface.



The VBOX MINI is a multi-function product with a 10Hz GPS engine, yaw sensor, built-in antenna, SD card storage and a backlit LCD display. VBOX MINI is widely used in some magazines and automotive departments that need to do a lot of standard testing. It provides quick, easy and accurate performance results, lap timing, predictive lap timing and data logging. Data can also be exported to VBOXTools analysis software in real time for analysis.



The VBOX Touch is designed to assist virtually all types of vehicle testing with a robust array of test features, all integrated into a rugged metal housing with a daylight readable touch capacitive screen. Built-in test applications such as performance test, brake test, lap time, odometer verification and data logging functions. The VBOX Touch application is scripted using Python, and users can create their own test scripts.



The VBOX Touch RTK is a data collector with a 4.3-inch color touch screen that provides stable speed and position data. Built-in 10Hz GNSS receiver that supports RTK, can receive GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite signals, and can also receive differential signals from fixed base stations or NTRIP.

VBOX Touch RTK can receive satellite signals of three constellations at the same time, GPS and Galileo are always received, and users can choose to receive GLONASS or BeiDou signals additionally.

RLVBBTMS (Brake Disc Temperature Measuring System)


The brake disc temperature monitoring system is designed to measure, record and display the surface temperature of the brake disc, providing extremely valuable data information.

The display can visually display the surface temperature of the 4 brake discs through 64 heat maps, as well as real-time temperature and maximum temperature. Each sensor can measure the temperature of up to 16 points on the surface of an object, ranging from -20°C to 950°C.

VBOX Sigma


VBOX Sigma is a very cost-effective RTK-enabled 10Hz data logger with built-in NTRIP module.

Its built-in GNSS engine that supports multiple constellations and different frequencies can also provide very high RTK performance in places with poor satellite signal coverage or obvious multipath effects, and the positioning accuracy can reach up to 1cm.

Performance BOX Touch


The next-generation Performance Box Touch measures the car's speed, lap and split times, time differences, acceleration and deceleration performance, and distance traveled. All parameters are recorded in the SD card at a frequency of 10 times per second, which can be used for detailed data viewing and comparative analysis in our accompanying VBOX Test Suite performance analysis software or Circuit Tools track analysis software.

Speed and path tracker (driver assistant)


It consists of an OLED display and VBOX data collector. Speed and Path Tracker provides simple and precise guidance to test drivers without the need for training or written instructions, it saves us time and ensures consistent vehicle testing.



It is used to test vehicle performance and lap time. It has the characteristics of being waterproof, built-in battery and built-in GPS receiver. The module can be used alone, or connected to an Apple mobile phone with corresponding software via Bluetooth to view data in real time. It is widely used in motorcycles, bicycles and backpacking because it is light and strong and can be connected to an external antenna.

DGNSS Base Station


DGNSS base stations are designed to enhance VBOX equipment and other compatible GNSS systems.

There are two optional base stations:

Option 1: RLVBBS5 RTK Base Station


-RTCM,CMR,RTCM v3 and Racelogic specific format

Option 2: RLVBBS6 RTK Base Station


-rtcm v2, rtcm v3, rtcm v3.2 msm4 and msm7, and racelogic

specific formats

GNSS inertial sensor



VB3iS is a compact GPS inertial sensor that provides very high positioning accuracy by combining wheel speed data, IMU data and 100Hz RTK. In areas where GPS signal is limited or completely lost, the VB3iS can compensate for the effects of GPS drops, allowing you to run continuous tests without worrying about picking up erroneous data.

Main features: 100Hz GNSS engine, GPS/GLONASS L1/L2, CAN output, 2cm positioning accuracy (RTK), Pitch/Roll measurement.

Main applications: ADAS/autonomous driving test, brake test, performance test, handling stability test.

Wireless Communication Module


The radio telemetry module can transmit and receive RS232 data as far as 3.5 kilometers. They are ideal communication devices for GPS differential correction between base station and VBOX unit, it can also be used for communication between VBOX modules, or for data transmission from remote VBOX to laptop. Each wireless device is supplied with a magnetically mounted antenna and is connected via a single cable. A range of different frequencies and ranges are available to suit different requirements around the world.

The long-range, multi-band wireless module can be set up to transmit or receive data between 403MHz and 470MHz. The multiple frequency bands and power of these wireless modules allow them to be used in many countries. Please check your local RF license management. Usually the maximum distance is 10km (1W), these wireless modules can be used together with the base station to provide DGPS wireless coverage to the whole test field.

Bluetooth module


The Bluetooth module is used for wireless communication within 800 meters between the VBOX module and the computer.

Speed Sensor

VBOX speed sensor


The VBOX speed sensor series has the same GPS performance as the VBOX data collector series, except that it is designed to be integrated directly with the user's own data acquisition equipment via CAN interface, serial interface, analog or digital interface. 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz and 100Hz are optional, and in order to improve the positioning accuracy, all modules are compatible with DGPS base stations. Each system includes high sampling trigger inputs, such as brake-stop tests, in a compact, water-resistant form factor with rugged German connectors.

The 20Hz VBOX Dual Antenna Side Slip Sensor has the same functionality as the VBOX IISX Dual Antenna Data Logger, but cannot record data.

The Dual Antenna Velocity Sensor (VBSS100SL) is a 100Hz GPS/GLONASS data acquisition system with high accuracy and test repeatability and the ability to measure sideslip and pitch/roll angles at 100Hz. The collected data can be output in various forms such as CAN, RS232, analog quantity and digital quantity.

Video Recorder

VBOX Video Recorder


Video VBOX adds a new feature to vehicle testing, enabling simultaneous multi-camera data collection from different sources. It is available in two versions and features both a DVD premium digital video recorder, a GPS data logger and a customizable real-time graphic overlay.

Video VBOX Pro


The Video VBOX Pro features an anodized aluminum alloy housing with LEMO connectors, can connect up to 4 bullet cameras, and is equipped with optional 10Hz or 20Hz GPS data logger.

Video VBOX HD2 HD version


The VBOX HD2 is the world's most popular Motorsport video recorder, widely used by motorsports amateurs and professional racers alike to improve their racing skills. It has dual 1080p cameras, real-time image overlay, supports HDMI video output, and comes with the very popular track analysis software CIRCUIT TOOLS.

Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU04)


The inertial measurement unit contains three accelerometers and three yaw rate sensors to measure yaw, pitch, and yaw rate, and it measures yaw rate up to 450°/S and acceleration up to 5G. It has been accurately temperature calibrated and can be used as a sensor alone or with a VBOX unit. When used with VBOX 3i, IMU data can be seamlessly integrated for smoother and more reliable data when satellite reception is disturbed.

MINI input module (MINI01)


8 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs and 2 thermocouple inputs can be collected through a pluggable terminal block. The MINI input module can also be used alone to output data to a third-party collector through the CAN interface.

MICRO input module (MICIN01)


The Micro Input Module is a more affordable input module that enables VBOX units and performance testers to record one RPM and four analog signals via a pluggable terminal block.

Frequency input module (FIM03)


The frequency input module is a 4-channel frequency capture and pulse counting unit. Its acceptable frequency range is 1Hz to 20KHz. The frequency input module is used to record data with the VBOX, but can also be used alone. It can accept signals of wide amplitude and frequency, which means it can be directly connected with ABS wheel speed sensor, RPM sensor or fuel flow sensor.

Analog input module (ADC03)


The analog input module has 8 galvanically isolated input channels and can provide bipolar voltage measurement up to ±50V with a DC accuracy of 400μV. In addition to the power supply connection, isolated, modulated 5V and 12V power supplies are provided on the 25-pin D-sub header. Can be used alone.

Strain Amplifier (SGA02)


The strain amplifier has two user adjustable channels. Both are DC isolated and designed for full-bridge operation, but are also suitable for half-bridge and quarter-bridge applications.

Vehicle CAN interface (CAN02)


When the internal CAN port of the VBOX is unavailable, the vehicle CAN interface is designed to enable the VBOX to collect data from the vehicle CAN bus. Parameters such as RPM, wheel speed, throttle angle, etc. can be easily captured using the specially developed CAN database for many of our vehicles.

CAN Gateway


VBOX CAN Gateway is used to control 2 different CAN bus data streams. Support to record vehicle CAN or CAN FD bus data to VBOX and record CAN module data at the same time.

Thermocouple Module (TC8-V2)


The Thermocouple Module allows the VBOX to acquire up to 8 channels of Type K thermocouples at 100Hz. RLVBTC8-V2 is connected to VBOX through CAN, and can also be connected to VBOX with ADC03 or CAN02. It can also be used as an independent module for third-party data acquisition. The measurement range is -269 to +1375°C, using a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, and the supply voltage is 6V to 30V.

CAN to Analog Output Module (DAC01)


The CAN-to-analog output module enables data acquisition equipment without CAN interface to directly read CAN bus data. It can output 4 analog voltage signals at the same time and display them graphically through the provided configuration software.

CAN Speed Interface (CSI01)


The CAN Speed Interface provides a convenient way to obtain engine speed and vehicle speed from any vehicle with a CAN bus.



The VBOX CAN Hub simplifies the installation of vbox loggers and modules as well as vehicle CAN bus connections. It has the same length and width as the VBOX3i, so it is placed just below the VB3i.

The new CAN Hub scheme is particularly useful for ADAS test setups due to the reduction of splitters and extra wiring. It is recommended to use the VBOX CAN Hub as the standard configuration of the ADAS solution to replace the ACS024 and ACS024/1 splitter.


With the increase of modules and signal channels in automotive testing, CANHub increases the number of external modules that the VBOX3i can connect to. This is achieved by creating 2 independent 500kb modular CAN ports.

OLED Display (DSP04)


A perfect match for a VBOX data logger, the OLED display provides a bright, day-readable waterproof display. Its striking graphics and simple operation make it easier to use on the vehicle, and can display a range of parameters including speed lap times, gravity and predicted lap times. The OLED has an accelerometer that flips the display orientation for the flexibility of internal mounting along with some VBOX modules to start and stop recording.



A multifunction touchscreen display is used to display data generated by GPS signals, such as speed and heading angle output from the VBOX 3i data logger. It can also calculate and display performance test results in real-time to the driver without the need for post-processing. A built-in 4.3-inch daylight-readable color touchscreen makes viewing the data needed for testing easier.

VBOX Manager


The VBOX manager provides control and filename creation, operating an adjustable rotary button, and the screen can be flipped left or right using the hand. It has the ability to carry out the configuration of VBOX and is also the main control unit of Racelogic's ADAS system.

Pedal Force Sensor


Pedal force sensors are designed to measure the load applied to the brake, accelerator or clutch pedals. Suitable for braking tests such as SAE2909 or ECE 13-H (Brake Assist System).


·Compact, overall height 24.5mm

·Easy to install and remove

Measuring range 0.5–150 kg (1470.99 N)

VBOX Software


Vbox Test Suite software is Racelogic's latest generation of data processing software, written based on C++ language, with a more user-friendly interface, making testing and generating reports more convenient and faster.

It contains the following test plugins:

Water drift test (horizontal/vertical)

VBOX42.jpgData provided:

1. Criteria for passing and failing when predicting entry:

·Steering wheel angle

· Yaw rate

·Any user-defined channel

2. The minimum lateral acceleration through the water bath.

VBOX43.jpgData provided:

1. Speed;

2. Distance;

3. Wheel sideslip angle (from vehicle CAN or external sensor);

4. Automatically calibrate wheel speed through GPS.


Brake Test


Data provided:

1. Braking time;

2. Braking distance;

3. Average deceleration;

4. MFDD;

5. Centerline offset;

6. Automatic wheel slip calibration & calculation;

7. Based on the following pass/fail criteria:

  · Any user-defined channel

  · The time interval between the two tests

  . The distance between the two tests

  . Temperature at the start of braking


Coasting test


Data provided:

1. Speed;

2. Distance;

3. Time;

4. Average time;

5. Provide real-time accurate data according to the latest GTR 15 WLTP test steps.


Data provided:

1. Speed;

2. Distance;

3. Force;

4. Wind speed;

5. Temperature;

6. Mechanical and aerodynamic coefficients;

7. The road load curve uses the equation of motion specified in the J2263 regulations.


Passing Noise


Data provided:

1. Sound pressure level:

·Full throttle

·Stable speed


2. Speed & RPM:

·starting point

· Microphone position

·Test end point

3. The average speed across the test area;

4. Calculated reference acceleration, specific power specified in R41;

5. Pass/fail of test data and calculated values.


Performance test


Data provided:

1. Speed: start, end, average, minimum, maximum;

2. Distance;

3. Acceleration: start, end, average, minimum, maximum;

4. Any recorded channel: start, end, average, min, max.


VBOX ADAS Test Solutions

The VBOX system provides an easy and precise way to test and validate advanced driver assistance systems. With real-time measurement of parameters for up to three vehicles and a positioning accuracy of less than 2cm, the RACELOGIC VBOX ADAS test system enables developers to easily verify the effectiveness of their products. At the heart of the system is the RLVB3i RTK, connected via radio telemetry to an RTK base station, or used on another VBOX 3i as a mobile base station. The VBOX ADAS test system is suitable for testing and validating recognized industry and international standards such as ISO, NHTSA, NCAP testing.

Any recorded channel: start, end, average, min, max.

Test applications

ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control)

AEB(Autonomous Emergency Braking)

FCW(Forward Collision Warning)

LDW(Lane Departure Warning)

LKA(Lane Keep Assist)

BSD(Blind Spot Detection)

RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Assist)

TSR(Traffic SignRecognition)

APA(Auto Parking Assist)

Automatic Main Beam Control


Automatic emergency braking and collision buffering

VBOX calculates vehicle separation parameters in real time, and the VBOX 3i RTK can be used in conjunction with Euro NCAP-validated inflatable target vehicles, steering and braking robots to comply with the requirements in the NACP evaluation system.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist


The VBOX Lane Departure Test Package allows you to test according to ISO 17361 and NHTSA NCAP. The system can simultaneously measure the real-time vertical distance of up to four contact points on the vehicle from the lane line, with an accuracy of 2CM. The edge of the reference lane can be straight or curved. RACELOGIC also offers dedicated LDWS test software that can generate field results in accordance with NHTSA NCAP or reduce road test time by configuring test constraints. Adding VIDEO VBOX can add video evidence to test data, and VIDEO VBOX can also be used alone as a simple test scale.

Blind spot detection


Measured parameters can be graphically overlaid onto video recorded from VIDEO VBOX or VBOX HD, providing a clear visual reference. Multiple contact points can be set to make the host vehicle approach the target vehicle from different directions, but there is no need to reset new contact points.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist


The VBOX Lane Departure Test Package allows you to test according to ISO 17361 and NHTSA NCAP. The system can simultaneously measure the real-time vertical distance of up to four contact points on the vehicle from the lane line, with an accuracy of 2CM. The edge of the reference lane can be straight or curved. RACELOGIC also offers dedicated LDWS test software that can generate field results in accordance with NHTSA NCAP or reduce road test time by configuring test constraints. Adding VIDEO VBOX can add video evidence to test data, and VIDEO VBOX can also be used alone as a simple test scale.