The VBOX handling stability test system is mainly composed of VBOX dual antenna data acquisition system, LED display, gyroscope and force measuring steering wheel. It is suitable for tests related to vehicle operation stability, such as steering alignment test, steady-state rotation test, etc. The measured parameters are: sideslip angle, roll angle, pitch angle, triaxial acceleration, triaxial angular velocity, torque, rotation angle and angular rate .基于vbox的操稳测试-1.jpg

Steering wheel sensor SENMSW

Our SENMSW series sensors are designed specifically for modern vehicle steering wheels, such as passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles. The introduction of a new driving assistance system requires better performance testing equipment. Our SENMSW series sensors perfectly meet the needs of modern automotive engineering. Reducing size and weight, providing higher dynamics and increased resolution without compromising steering wheel functionality (airbags) and control components. For optimal safety, the sensor has a high breaking torque. Our SENMSW series sensors are installed between the steering wheel and the steering shaft. For versatility, sensors can be equipped with interchangeable adapters for connecting to the steering shaft transmission. Our SENMSW series sensors are equipped with switch reset torque and angle. The offset is stored and remains available after voltage loss or restart. Through the CAN bus, the output can be set to zero at any point. Calibration data is stored in sensor components, allowing users to replace sensor components as needed.



·Integrated data acquisition unit, CAN bus output;

·Using telemetry technology to provide frictionless signal transmission;

·Low inertia product and weight load design;

·Non contact magnetoelectric steering angle sensor;

·Ultra thin thickness size design;

·With steering wheel centering adjustment function;

·Fast and easy installation;

·It can be equipped with a small display system.

Technical Parameter

performance index

TorqueSteering angle
Power supply 9~36 Vmeasurement range±20~200 N.msensor typerotary encoder
Filter threshold0.05 N.mLinearity0.1 %FSOutput phaseA,B,Z
Power consumption(12V)2.7 Whysteresis0.1 %FSsignalTTL
Data output rate100 Hzmaximum load150 %output pulse20000脉冲/360°
AD sampling rate500 Hzzero stable value(over 24 hours)0.01 %FSOresolution0.1°
Overall total weight4.2 kgTemperature impact zero point value0.25 %FSOmaximum speed4000°/s
Fixture weight 1.7 kgTemperature impact index value0.25 %FSO

Mass moment of inertia45 kg.cm2

Nominal temperature0~70°C

Working temperature-20~80 °C

Output protocolCAN

Product Application

Universal measuring steering wheel, used to measure steering torque, steering angle, and steering speed;

Used for vehicle driving dynamics testing, such as ISO 4138, steady-state circular driving.

Product Accessories


350mm diameter steering wheel

450mm diameter steering wheel

Power connection cable, 2M

Steering wheel fixing fixture, diameter 400-480mm

Universal steering wheel fixing fixture, diameter 320-400mm

Function customization

Single point fixed suction cup

Data display and setting module

User Guide

Transport box

Product size

The dimensions of the products marked below are in millimeters (millimeters)




Connection instructions

Sensor interface features: One end is a CAN interface, and the other end is an OUT interface; Equipped with reset steering angle and torque switches; Equipped with PWR and STA display lights.


Ordering Guide

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