Wireless wheel speed sensor


The wireless wheel speed sensor SENWS1 is a device that can detect wheel speed and temperature in real-time. The device consists of four sensor modules, each of which collects the wheel speed through one channel and temperature through two channels. A total of four channels of the four modules detect the wheel speed in real-time and eight channels detect temperature in real-time, and output the data in real-time through CAN/Ethernet interfaces.

The system wirelessly transmits the collected wheel speed and temperature to the receiving end, which outputs the data from the CAN/Ethernet interface, making it very convenient to monitor the wheel speed and temperature.

Application scope

Wireless wheel speed steering wheel, a device used for real-time detection of wheel speed and temperature.


Specification parameters

Wheel speed measurement range±3000rpm
Wheel speed measurement error<0.5%(0℃至+50℃)

Temperature measurement range (K-type thermocouple)

Temperature full scale linear error TA=+25℃… ±0.05%FS
TA=-20℃至+85℃ . ±0.15%FS
TA=-40℃至+105℃ . ±0.2%FS
TA=-40℃至+125℃ … ±0.3%FS
TA=-55℃至+125℃ . ±0.35%FS
Internal sampling rate1kHz
Wireless communication frequency2.4-GHz-Band
Transmission frequency100Hz
Battery usage time20h(-20℃)/72h(25℃)
Protection levelIP67
Working temperature-20℃至+60℃


The dimensions in the following annotations are in inches [millimeters]

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