Wireless tire temperature tire pressure sensor


Tire temperature and tire pressure sensor is a device that can detect tire pressure and temperature in real time. The device provides 1 high-precision air pressure sensor for detecting the air pressure of the tire, and 3 high-precision temperature measurement channels for collecting the temperature of the tire, and the measurement data of the device is output by the CAN interface. The device has a built-in large-capacity battery, which is easy to use without removing the battery when using it. It also has the function of remaining power prompting, which avoids the user's inability to estimate the use time because he does not know how much power is left, thus affecting the test results. Annoyance.


1. For 16 channels, four slaves, each slave has 3 thermocouple channels and 1 air pressure measurement channel;

2. The pressure measurement accuracy error is 0.015kpa;

3. The temperature measurement accuracy error is 0.05%FS;

4. Each channel has internal cold junction compensation;

5. The air pressure and temperature of the detection point are sent to the receiving end wirelessly, and the CAN message is output.

Performance parameters

Number of   channels

 16 (four   slaves, 3 thermocouple channels each, 1 barometric pressure measurement   channel)

Maximum input   overvoltage protection


ADC Type   Air  

Pressure: 24-bit ADC, Temperature: 19-bit ADC

Power supply voltage

Slave charging: AC220V

Host power supply: DC9~36V power supply

Measurement data update rate


Signal filtering

Low-pass   filtering 50HZ

IP rating


Transmitter and   receiver wireless communication frequency





Full scale   linearity error





Thermocouple Type

K, J, N, R, S,   T, E, B

Type K measuring range 

-200°C to +1372°C

Type J measuring range 

-210℃ to +1200℃

Type N measuring range 

-200°C to +1300°C

Type R measuring range 

-50° C to +1768° C

Type S measuring range 

-50° C to +1768° C

T-type measuring range 

-200° C to +400° C

Type E measuring range

-200° C to +1000° C

Type B measuring range 

-250° C to +1820° C