Active Safety Environment Perception System


MAVINTM with Perception

Dynamic range performance with object detection, classification, and tracking

Key Features

 Customizable, low-profile, one-box solution required by automotive OEMs

▶  Perception software enables object detection, classification, and tracking

▶  Small object detection – near and far, at highway speeds of 130 km/h (80 mph)

▶  Low latency data

▶ Laser Safety Class 1 with unique Pixel-by-Pixel Automatic Emission Control

▶ Low-profile and low power for smooth integration and deployment

▶ Custom ASIC* optimized for speed, cost, and seamless integration

*planned for series


Integration Possibilities on OEM Architecture





Validation of sensors and algorithms, enabling machine learning and AI projects

Key Features

▶  Offers the complete toolchain from a single source

▶  Includes MVIS Auto-Annotation software

▶  Automatically annotates objects and lanes

▶ Scalable due to cloud-compatible architecture

▶ Supports data of selected third-party lidars

▶ Allows for manual editing of objects and lanes

▶ Compatible with MVIS SyncBox Pro



System Architecture


MOSAIK SuiteTM: Our Difference



MOVIA™ Lidar Sensor

Small, light, robust and suitable for industrial applications

Key Features

▶  Developed according to automotive-grade standards

▶  No moving parts and a pure semi- conductive solution instead

▶  More robust and more reliable over a longer period thanks to the absence of mechanical components

▶ With a transceiver unit with a resolution of 100 rows by 128 columns

▶ It scans its environment multiple hundred times row by row using sequential flashing

▶ Performs in adverse weather conditions due to its multi-echo capability


High efficiency and precision in agriculture

Precision agriculture is now an important area of agribusiness. Sections of agricultural land that are cultivated twice cost time. We tackle this problem area:our products provide support with positioning in the field down to the centimetre and offer route planning to help create clean starting edges and detect obstacles.

Your solution in the area of logistics

The economy is operating at an ever faster pace. Warehousing and logistics are therefore gaining in importance for companies. We make highly efficient processespossible through our technology. We support in the area of ware- housing and logistics to make processes run more quickly and safely, in some cases even making processes fully automatic.

Greater efficiency in mining

In both underground and open cast mining, huge losses can be incurred through raw materials that are transported for several hours over a wide range of track surfaces. If a vehicle leaves the track or has a breakdown because of unseen obstacles, the loss is significant. With the aid of our products, these risks can be re-duced considerably and efficient work processes can be ensured.

Ideal for navigating and docking ships

Many ships are already equipped with technologies that allow them to operate autonomously on the open sea. But other technologies are required in the port area, on waterways and in locks. We work with our products in these areas to give captains dependable

Modular Optics Concept


MOVIATM lidar sensor features a modular optics concept, allowing for quick and resource-saving adaptation of sensors during production to fit every use case. The same core components are usable with modular optics to allow variable fields of view. Depending on the application, 60 degree or 120 degree optics are available.

Technical Data


Technology & Innovation