Functional safety/expected functional safety analysis software

A model-based function safety analysis software Features:

  • Purely graphical and user-friendly interface, logical and easy to operate.

  • A wide range of safety analysis tools, including FUSA, SOTIF, FAT, FMEA/FMEDA, etc.,and enable the linkage of various tools such as System-Link, Sensor-Link.

  • With automated analysis process, including HAZOP/HARA, PMHF, SPF/LF and other indicators

  • Automatic generation of analysis reports, including FUSA, FMEA/FMEDA, BOM, etc.

  • With standard library presets, including ISO26262, SAEJ2980, IEC61882, IEC61709, IEC62380, SN29500  and other standards.


The corresponding tools for each stage of functional safety analysis in the software are as follows:


Main tool modules:


The main function configuration of each version: