Radar test car

The radar test vehicle is used for the performance test of the radar parameters of the unmanned target. The test vehicle is controlled by the special software, and the radar measurement of the target can be carried out in the radial or circumferential direction, and the measurement process data can be saved in real time. The whole vehicle is controlled and driven through the standard CAN protocol, and is equipped with an industrial computer, a radar system, and a high-precision GPS test system. The chassis of the fuselage adopts high-power servo motor, four-wheel drive, differential steering, and can perform self-adaptive path following closed-loop test according to the set trajectory, and the comprehensive deviation of the motion trajectory is less than 2CM.



1. Fully automatic driving, the motion trajectory can be followed accurately;

2. Various types of sensors can be installed, the default is Continental 77G millimeter-wave radar, which is used for target verification and calibration;

3. Two types of measurements are supported: radial trajectory measurement and 360-degree trajectory measurement. The test process is set by software, and the measurement can be repeated automatically for many times;

4. The height and direction of the radar can be adjusted.

Performance parameters