Pedal force sensor SENBR


The SENBR series pedal force sensors are used for pedal load testing. Its shape design allows the sensor to be easily installed on any vehicle's pedal or fatigue/durability test bench.

Because the force on the brake pedal, clutch pedal, and accelerator pedal to be studied varies from small cars to heavy trucks, we provide different measurement ranges of 200N to 2000N.

With the help of internal mechanical decoupling design, the accuracy for different force application point positions is 1% FS. In addition, an integrated amplifier version can be selected for high level output across all ranges.


·200 to 2000 N range;

·Minimum nonlinearity and hysteresis ≤ 0.1%;

·Ultra light aluminum alloy material;

·Low sensitivity to eccentric loads<1.0%· Can be fixed to the car pedal using adhesive tape;

·Portable installation fixture;

·Suitable for accelerator pedal, brake pedal, or clutch pedal.

Product parameters

Performance indicators
Nonlinear±0.1 %FS
Lag±0.1 %FS
Working temperature range-10-70 ℃
Compensation temperature range0-50 ℃
Range200-2000 N
Sensitivity2.0 mV/V
Safe power supply12V
Recommended power supply1-5 V
Input resistance700±3%Ω
Output resistance700±3%Ω
Cablediameter 3.5mm x 3m long, LEMO connector

Ordering Guide

SENBR11500N/2000Nuniversal without display
SENBR21500N/2000Nuniversal type with display

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