In order to adapt to the rapid development of automotive electronic applications and the improvement of technical requirements for vehicle safety and control modules, the basic requirements of automotive steering system (GB17675-1999) have ushered in major changes in 2021. Our customer, SAIC-GM-Wuling, took the initiative to meet the challenge and conducted a thorough test of compliance with the new national standard of the steering system at the end of May this year. The first test in the industry was successfully completed. The Racelogic VBox data acquisition system represented by Guangzhou Zeer Company was also used in this thorough test.

Steering system new national standard compliance test

The first test in the industry was successfully completed

In the face of change, some people choose to ignore it, but some people choose to follow the current situation and take the initiative!

In order to adapt to the rapid development of automotive electronic applications and the improvement of technical requirements for vehicle safety and control modules, the basic requirements of automotive steering system (GB17675-1999) have ushered in major changes in 2021.


Compared with the 1999 version, the new national standard has made the following changes or additions:

1. The requirement that the steering wheel must be placed on the left is lifted;

2. Function types such as steering-by-wire (defining the technical indicators of the failure mode), rear-wheel steering, etc. are reserved or opened;

3. Define some advanced intelligent driving steering system alarm requirements;

4. As the lateral active control module of the vehicle, strict functional safety requirements are added to the steering system.

The new national standard will be implemented on January 1, 2022. Faced with so many changes and the implementation date is approaching, how to deal with it has become a difficult problem for the engineering team.


In order to ensure that all new and old models of the company can successfully implement the standard, the Chassis Department of the Technology Center turned to the R&D team to respond quickly, coordinated existing resources, convened Tier1 Donghua and module supplier Lianchuang, and jointly turned to the Standards Committee and the National Functional Safety Working Group. Two five-party thematic interpretation meetings were organized to discuss the requirements and regulations of the new national standard. In the process of interpreting the standard regulations, we found that the details of the test operation and the certification process directly affect the test results and the final mandatory announcement certification. To this end, the company turned to the R&D team to report to the A-level review committee, department directors, and relevant chief engineers of the technology center as soon as possible, and decided to immediately set up a "new national standard compliance pilot project team" to conduct comprehensive certification documents and real vehicle tests. Touch the row. According to the work plan of the project team, it is required to complete the review of the compliance summary document on May 15, and complete the real vehicle thorough test at the company's Liudong Proving Ground on May 27.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. In order to ensure the completion of this test as planned, the R&D team has done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage: after analyzing the assessment indicators and recommended values of the new national standard, and comparing the company's model parameters and steering system parameters, the target model was determined; the debugging engineering samples were completed in advance. The performance confirmation of the car, the evaluation and preparation of the test equipment, the deduction of the test conditions and the layout of the site in advance; the test certification department strictly selects testers and safety officers according to the relevant requirements of the new national standard. After all the preparations were confirmed, the team members finally welcomed the arrival of the test with confidence.


A small episode occurred on the eve of the test. Due to the influence of heavy rain in the Yangtze River Delta region, the originally scheduled flight was cancelled, and the final test was scheduled for the next day as planned. In order not to affect the normal progress of the test, the technical experts from the steering sub-committee, Nanjing Donghua and Shanghai Lianchuang immediately changed to hard-seat trains, rushed thousands of miles to join forces in victory, and finally arrived at the Liudong Proving Ground as scheduled, and successfully carried out the first domestic steering system. The new national standard compliance test.


After the completion of the test, with the cooperation of all parties, the investigation report was issued. The content of the report shows that the vehicle was controllable during the test, and the actual measured performance indicators far exceeded the reference values given by the standard. The overall score was not only passing, but also excellent! Once again confirmed the company's continuous leading edge in steering system technology!

Combined with the results of the real vehicle thorough test, the pilot project team held a summary meeting of this round of pilots for the first time. Wei Baolu, director of the Chassis Department of the Technology Center, listened carefully to the report of the pilot work and participated in the detailed discussion throughout the whole process.


This pilot is of great significance. As the first joint pilot of the whole vehicle, system and sub-standard committee in China, it not only demonstrates the company's 950 spirit, but also the results of the pilot have laid a solid foundation for the company's models to pass the new national standard certification. This important assurance also proves that our products, our technology, and our capabilities are in line with the latest development trends, and the project team will be confident that the next stage of verification work will be carried out as planned.

Shattering the old and establishing the new to overcome difficulties, we have a long way to go, and we have a long way to go.