Zeer Appears at SAECCE2023 Technology Exhibition


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, the 30th SAECCE 2023, hosted by the Society, was grandly opened on October 25, 2023 at the Beijing Beiren Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time as the conference, the technology exhibition focused on core technology exhibits of the entire automotive industry chain, attracting nearly 150 enterprises and brands from both domestic and foreign countries to participate. The overall exhibition area reached 15000 square meters, covering five key technology fields including whole vehicles, new energy vehicle technology, intelligent connected vehicle technology, testing and simulation technology, and common automotive technology. Numerous exhibitors brought new products to the scene, On the first day of the exhibition, nearly 5000 professional visitors have been attracted for on-site visits and exchanges.

Guangzhou Zeer, as a leader in the field of automotive testing, showcased several of the company's star products:


ASEva Data Closed Loop Comprehensive Solution

The open road test is the final verification means for the auto drive system. By driving in the complex and changeable real traffic flow for a long time and uninterruptedly, the operation of various automatic driving functions can be tested and verified in the design operation domain. Our company's representative products include: ASEva data closed-loop comprehensive solution, including ASEva scene data collection system, ASEva bypass collection system, ASEva scene data reinjection system, ASEva data and scene annotation system, ASEva truth processing system, ASEva cloud scene comprehensive management processing platform, etc; Asec audio and video fault and alarm signal automatic recognition system, etc.

北京学会年会 ABD.jpg

ABD ADAS products

ABD Company has developed a series of computer-controlled robotic in car testing products, specifically designed for testing vehicle dynamics, steering systems, and braking systems. They are also used in the development of advanced driving assistance systems, enabling fast, accurate, and highly repetitive testing, as well as obtaining high-quality objective data. The ABD series of products is the preferred choice for ADAS testing.

北京学会年会 VBOX.jpg

VBOX indoor positioning system

The VBOX VIPS system allows devices and software traditionally limited to outdoor use to be used anywhere with limited or completely unavailable satellite coverage. The system consists of a fixed beacon network that communicates with a small receiver installed on the roof, which is connected to an existing VBOX device. The receiver is equipped with a standard VBOX IMU module, which further enhances the accuracy of the speed signal and provides vehicle attitude information. Our VBOX devices can seamlessly switch between indoor and outdoor environments.

北京学会年会 dewetron.jpg

Dewetron portable power analyzer

Dewetron power analyzer with continuous real-time storage of 10 Ms/S/ch, up to 48 channels; Can maintain an accuracy of 0.03% under broadband; Built in power analysis and mechanical performance analysis modules can directly generate efficiency maps; Easy to integrate with the platform, with a variety of interfaces and platform communication.

北京学会年会 rFpro.jpg


rFpro is the industry's first commercial platform for simulation, training and development of autonomous vehicle. This platform accurately replicates real-world testing environments with high precision, converts a large number of real roads into simulated testing scenarios, and creates a training database. Users can choose various simulation testing scenarios in the library and control various variable inputs from "weather" to "pedestrian". Through parallel CPU and GPU simulation, the testing and verification of intelligent driving cars in L4 and L5 stages are greatly accelerated.

Zeer's rich product line attracts many viewers to stop and inquire.



With the support of the annual conference of the Society of Automobile Manufacturers, Zeer Testing is willing to continue to deepen its efforts in the field of automotive testing, providing more and better automotive testing products and technical solutions, and helping Chinese automotive enterprises to develop efficiently.