We are very excited to share with you a piece of news that AB Dynamics LaunchPad Spin has been officially certified by the European NCAP. ABD is committed to providing comprehensive testing solutions for the automotive industry, and this is a very important milestone. LaunchPad Spin is the latest member of ABD's expanding testing equipment list, and our product line provides recognized target and platform solutions for automotive, motorcycle, and pedestrian testing scenarios.


"We are pleased to announce that our LaunchPad Spin has been officially certified through European NCAP testing," said Dr. Andrew Pick, Business Director of AB Dynamics Field Testing Systems. "LP Spin is the most mobile target platform in the market, and its flexibility is crucial for accurately reproducing the actions of VRUs (vulnerable road users). As sensor systems and testing become increasingly complex, Spin's mobility helps it adapt to the rapid development of future testing environments."

The key features of LP Spin include the following:

Turning in place, able to quickly change direction

Compatible with common VRU targets such as pedestrians, cyclists, and electric scooters

Torque vectoring drive wheels and precision steering front wheels with 360 degree rotation capability

Large capacity hot swappable battery system, can be used for extended testing time

Durable design that can withstand heavy commercial vehicle testing and crushing

LaunchPad Spin has joined our growing European NCAP certified platform system product portfolio, including LaunchPad 50, 60, and 80, as well as the GST platform. We look forward to showcasing LaunchPad Spin at upcoming events, including the JSAE Annual Conference in Yokohama, Japan and the European Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

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