The independent power pack is compatible with our ABD driving robot series and can be quickly installed without the need to connect to the vehicle's power system.


The high capacity battery of the power supply allows uninterrupted testing through an independent power source, ensuring that the vehicle's own system has sufficient power.

The independent power pack is very suitable for use in electric vehicles that may not necessarily have compatible battery systems. It uses high-energy density batteries and has a compact appearance, ensuring that any vehicle can receive power at any time, making normal testing work easier.

SP-43 AB Dynamics - Independent Power Pack Product Specification - ROW(中文版1)30.png

Product features

Suitable for electric vehicles as it does not interfere with the vehicle's battery management system

Quick and easy installation, no additional wiring required to connect to the car

Sufficient power to meet the typical scenario testing power needs for a whole day

The charging time between two uses is 2 hours

Compliant with UN 38.3 lithium-ion battery regulations

Suitable for single person carrying

SP-43 AB Dynamics - Independent Power Pack Product Specification - ROW(中文版1)779.png

If you need more technical specifications and parameter information related to independent power pack products, please feel free to contact Guangzhou Zeer Testing Technology Co., Ltd.