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On November 1, 2023, we are excited to share the AirPixel Camera Tracking System, an innovative product that integrates ultra wideband (UWB) technology and inertial sensors. It has been successfully applied to Feimao, embarking on a virtual reality journey in large indoor and outdoor venues.

(Sibaide Technology provides technical support for Feimao) 



The perfect combination of UWB ultra wideband technology and inertial sensors

The uniqueness of AirPixel lies in the combination of UWB radio signals with inertial sensors, similar to GPS systems. The receiver (Rover) communicates with multiple beacons to accurately calculate position and direction, providing stable positioning and tracking technology support for virtual production.


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Quick deployment, unaffected by the environment

In the on-site demonstration conducted in Guangzhou, we invited Carl, the Chief Engineer of Airpixel Technology R&D at Racelogic, to provide technical support for us. AirPixel demonstrates its amazing deployment speed, with stable signals and tracking accuracy of 1cm regardless of changes in lighting or weather.

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The on-site demonstration effect is stunning

We showcased AirPixel's superb performance on the Flying Cat on site. From every machine to every corner of the venue, virtual seems to blend with reality, and customers are amazed by the effectiveness of the demonstration.

(MagicAxe provides virtual production technology support)

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Future outlook, creating more possibilities

AirPixel not only meets the present, but also looks forward to the future. A system architecture that supports up to five workstations is expected to be further expanded to seven, providing more possibilities for larger scale virtual production. We will continue to work tirelessly to create more exciting experiences for our users. AirPixel can be used in conjunction with many camera systems and has been used in mobile photography vehicles, Stanikon arm strength, rocker arms, and flying cats. It can also work under any lighting conditions, including completely dark environments. In addition, we can also integrate with popular third-party products to provide the best solution for your needs.