MicroVision and Ibeo Join Forces

MicroVision 和 Ibeo 联手

Completion of the Acquisition Accelerates Solutions for Automotive OEM and Expands Multi-Market Sales


  • Acquisition brings together MicroVision's best-in-class MAVIN™ hardware and Ibeo's best-in-class perception software to be integrated into MicroVision's perception ASIC, accelerating the path to a cost effective, true "one box solution" required by automotive OEMs for a roofline integrated product


  • Accelerates combined company revenue streams from hardware and software products with forecast ranging between $10 to $15 million in 2023 with expected future growth

    加速公司来源于硬件和软件产品的综合收入,预计 2023 年收入将有所增长,达到1000万美元至1500万美元。

  • Synergistically addresses existing customer base that includes top-tier German and U.S. automotive OEMs, plus expands multi-market strategy focusing on industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and commercial vehicle segments with Ibeo's flash-based sensor


  • Expecting to expand partnership with ZF Friedrichshafen on existing flash-based sensor and MAVIN manufacturing at the established production facility 

    希望扩大与ZF Friedrichshafen在以下方面的合作伙伴关系:现有基于闪存的传感器和现有生产设施的MAVIN制造。

  • Strategic direction and oversight to remain with MicroVision management, under the continued leadership of CEO Sumit Sharma

    在首席执行官苏米特·夏尔马(Sumit Sharma)持续领导下的MicroVision管理层将继续提供战略方向和监督。

REDMOND, WA / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2023 /MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS), a leader in MEMS-based solid-state automotive lidar and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) solutions announced today the successful completion of its previously announced acquisition of certain assets of Hamburg, Germany-based Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH.

华盛顿州雷德蒙德 / ACCESSWIRE / 2023年2月1日 /基于MEMS的固态汽车激光雷达和高级驾驶辅助系统(ADAS)解决方案的领导者MicroVision, Inc.(纳斯达克股票代码:MVIS)今天宣布成功完成其先前宣布的对总部位于德国汉堡的Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH的某些资产的收购。

The acquisition combines MAVIN lidar with Ibeo perception software features into the MicroVision ASIC for automotive OEMs. In addition, this acquisition expands MicroVision's multi-market strategy focusing on industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and commercial vehicle segments with Ibeo's flash-based sensor.

此次收购将MAVIN激光雷达与Ibeo感知软件功能结合到面向汽车OEM的MicroVision ASIC中。此外,此次收购扩大了MicroVision的多市场战略,专注于工业、智能基础设施、机器人和商用车领域,采用Ibeo基于闪存的传感器。

February 1 Microvision_brief2566.png

The company expects to have revenue streams from existing and new product lines ranging from software for reference and validation solutions, flash-based lidar for industrial applications, and MicroVision's MAVIN scanning lidar sensor paired with perception software, as well as other combinations of hardware with perception software solutions.